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What is the most popular bedding plant?

There is no one who should be excluded from gardening; we hold this view wholeheartedly. True, you need not even have a garden to begin cultivating. You can get the gardening bug and even grow your own freshest fruit and veggies with the help of one of our many plants that can be grown on balconies, tiny patios, and decking.

In their conversations, they use simple language. They take the mystery out of gardening by explaining everything in plain English and eliminating all the Latin names and weird terms that would otherwise turn you off.

With the help of our films and maintenance guides, they will demonstrate how to get the most out of their wares. Their selection is limited to plants that require little in the way of prior knowledge or expertise to cultivate successfully. They have selected the highest-quality plants from among the many that are available. They have sifted through the options and brought you the very best.

Here in rural Lincolnshire, they are fortunate enough to have their own nursery, which they have owned outright for 11 acres and which features a brand-new, purpose-built Packhouse made possible in part by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Since they have their own nursery, they are able to keep close tabs on our plants at all times and even cultivate their own specimens or pot on cuttings to allow them to mature before selling them. Because they’ve cultivated them ourselves, you can rest assured that your plants will thrive. To provide their customers with the widest selection, highest quality, and lowest prices possible, we also source items from throughout the country and around the world.

Over in the nursery, their team of experts is hard at work packing and preparing orders. They will ensure that your cargo arrives in pristine condition by stamping it with special handling instructions for the courier.

Do bedding plants grow back every year?

Most flowering plants used as bedding are annuals, meaning they only last for one season. At season’s end, they’re thrown out and replaced with fresh seedlings for the next growing season. This allows you to switch up your bedding displays year for a fresh look.

Can I plant bedding plants in April?

Hardy annuals and summer bedding plants can be planted from seed in April. It is considerably more economical to grow these plants from seed than to buy them in the store later in the spring. – Bedding Plants

Coloured Ivies Collection’s Coloured Ivies Collection is an amazing way to add some eye-catching appeal to your garden without too much effort. These luscious, bright and romantic blooms create a sublime atmosphere in any outdoor space, perfect for both home or commercial use. has worked hard to make sure that their Coloured Ivy collection stands above competitors with rich and vibrant hues, detailed craftsmanship and superior utility compared to other products on the market. Before making your purchase you’ll love that offers great prices and reliable customer service so you can be confident in your product when it arrives at your door!

Dahlia ‘Figaro’ Mixed Seeds is proud to offer vibrant Dahlia ‘Figaro’ Mixed Seeds! You can expect a range of warm colors when your plants bloom, including yellows, oranges, reds, and more. These captivating blooms are perfect for garden beds and borders and will provide lots of physical beauty as well as lasting memories. Planting is easy and with’s seeds you’ll be able to watch your buds blossom in no time – enjoy!

Zinnia ‘Jazz’ Seeds is proud to be stocking Zinnia ‘Jazz’ seeds, an incredibly vibrant and reliable flower species perfect for creating unique gardens. Ideal for both beginner and experienced gardeners alike, these seeds are easy to cultivate and the resulting bright array of pinks, purples and whites will reward any gardener that has the patience to nurture them. Their cheerful nature makes them great for borders or as a part of cut flower bunches, guaranteeing a great look all year round. also carries all the necessary items you’ll need to create your own Zinnia ‘Jazz’ masterpiece; from fertilizers to secateurs, we have everything you need!

Lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’ Seeds is proud to offer Lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’. These unique, annual flowers are easy to grow from seed and will bloom in your garden from June through October! The Lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’ seeds are simple to start indoors and can be easily transplanted when ready for outdoor planting. You’ll appreciate the lovely blue colors of these plants that add color and beauty to any flower bed or garden path. You can also use them around ponds for a pleasant aquatic display. has made it easy to enjoy the beauty and color of these special blooms with their convenient Lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’ seed packs.

Why Choose is the perfect choice when looking for quality gardening products at a competitive price. THey take pride in their commitment to providing the best customer service, with knowledgeable staff available during extended hours to quickly assist with any inquiries you may have. With a wide range of essential and decorative plants, seeds, soils and tools as well as great deals and discounts on offer has everything you need for your garden project. Shop conveniently online or via our helpful phone line – they guarantee to make ordering from us easy, efficient and stress-free!

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