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What is the price of an Ordnance Survey map?

Since 1791, they have been making accurate and reliable maps of Great Britain, which are regularly revised in response to customer feedback and changes in knowledge and practice. Their entire business model is founded on a dedication to new ideas. The experts there are not only at the cutting edge of data gathering, maintenance, and dissemination, but they are also always on the lookout for novel and fruitful methods to help their clients make the most of the information they have.

They have a collection of old maps in their library, and their affiliates sell all kinds of cool stuff from the past. They collect data from all over the United Kingdom and regularly refresh and share it with the public. They routinely improve the 500 million geospatial components found in the primary Ordnance Survey map (OS).


In their vast catalog, you can find map goods that are both common and unique. One can find here a wide selection of paper maps, from the most common road maps to the most outlandish of the unusual.

Map of County Cork: OSI Discovery 88

OSI Discovery Sheet No. 88 is a 1:50,000 scale recreational map of a portion of County Cork, Ireland. It is suitable for hiking, biking, and sightseeing.

Walking paths, bike paths, forest parks, and wildlife reserves are some of the attractions featured on the Discovery series. Campgrounds/RV parks, youth hostels, visitor information centers, picnic areas, standing stones, battlefields, golf courses, and scenic vistas are all included. It can be obtained as a folded paper map. Location of exactly what is discussed can be seen on the picture on the back cover.

ST&G’s Great British Adventure Map – 2022 Edition

The independent British publisher Marvellous Maps has completely revised the Great British Adventure Map for its second edition, which features beautiful new illustrations, even more fantastic outdoor-oriented locations and routes, and a one-of-a-kind trip planner with carbon footprints for 150 trips to Britain’s top adventure and outdoor destinations.

This double-sided, full-color map folds out to a usable size of 100 by 89 centimeters and includes:

  • BRITAIN’S TOP 50 very best adventure destinations, from the Isles of Scilly to Shetland
  • ADVENTURE LOCATIONS! Greater than two thousand and five hundred of the most spectacular mountains, islands, beaches, rivers, lakes, and vantage spots in the British Isles
  • LONG-DISTANCE ROUTES the best hiking and bicycling trails in the United Kingdom, as well as some of the country’s best road trips, rail adventures, and waterway cruises
  • EVENTS & TRIVIA Festivals, oddities, world firsts, and incredible achievements galore all celebrating the spirit of exploration.
  • TRIP PLANNER Carbon footprints for 150 different travels across the United Kingdom to aid in trip planning.
  • ACTIVITY GUIDES Hundreds of fantastic ideas for your next trip to the United Kingdom.

Custom Made Maps

Utilizing the legendary Explorer and Landranger mapping, you can fashion your very own personalized plan. Folded, framed, or laid out flat, this map makes a wonderful keepsake, is an invaluable tool for planning your fantasy vacation, and is the ideal present for a cartophile.

Map of The Peak District – Dark Peak Area

When exploring the Peak District’s Dark Peak area, the OS Explorer guide is an absolute must.

Wide, open moors, gritstone waves, cotton grass-covered marshes, and heather moors have made this area famous. The oak-birch woodlands and steep slopes covered in interlocking blocks of coniferous plantation below the moorland make for a beautiful and peaceful landscape.

Kinder Scout, Bleaklow, Black Hill, and Ladybower Reservoir are just some of the features of interest depicted on this chart.

Day trips, multi-day treks, and bike tours are all made easier with their detailed OS Explorer maps. You can never be discovered without one, as they are available in both regular and Weatherproof Active varieties.

Why Ordnance Survey is unique?

You would be wise to use Ordnance Survey’s products and services in your activities. Because they are the government’s designated cartographers, they are familiar with every inch of the United Kingdom, even the areas that haven’t been mapped. Their digital offering, which includes both digital and physical copies of a wide variety of maps and data, is both accurate and easy to use for customers.

Maps and data are updated frequently to account for things like road restrictions, further guaranteeing that users always have access to the most recent information possible. Ordnance Survey is your one-stop shop for all your geospatial mapping necessities.

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