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What is the purpose of boxer briefs?

This is what they do; they wear pants and socks. A majority of their products are underwear for men. They are the authorised stockist for all the main brands and they attempt to carry a very wide choice of styles. Their mission is to become the expert retailer you always turn to when you need new pants and socks.

They were founded in the teeth of the pandemic. Chief Pants Officer Richard had no stores to manage. But in adversity there was opportunity. He had long talked of putting up a business that sold solely pants and socks. He had even registered the name. Now was the time to convert the idea into reality.

They immediately became the authorised stockist for companies such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and more followed. With 30 years of menswear retail behind him, Richard had the relationships and the track record to make sure they had the right brands and the right products from the outset.

In September of 2020, they launched after creating the site and securing a fast-shipping warehouse.

They’d want to claim it was all easy sailing but in actuality they learnt along the road. But they didn’t make any huge mistakes, survived their first Christmas and prepared for the future.

In July 2021 they successfully launched a crowdfund – it proved that they weren’t the only ones who thought they were doing a good job. They bought more stock and advertised with the proceeds.

They set out to do good through the sale of underwear and have collaborated with two organisations so far: the Matt Hampson Foundation and the Center for Acceptance and Compassion in the Midst of Struggle (CALM) (the Campaign Against Living Miserably). There’s no use being in business if you can’t do some good along the way.

New labels are always being added, and so are fresh designs.

Men’s Boxer Briefs

Find your new favorite pair of boxer briefs among hundreds of options representing all the top labels in men’s underwear. Boxer briefs are underwear that sit higher on the waist (and are usually wider) and have legs that are cut to rest about a third of the way down the high. Above all else, they are universally flattering. The push in the front and the inclusion of elastane in the fabric make for a comfortable fit and the stability of the garment.

Pantsandsocks – Boxer Briefs

  • Calvin Klein 3 Pack Men’s Boxer Briefs
  • Polo Ralph Lauren 3 Pack Men’s Boxer Brief
  • SAXX Sport Mesh Men’s Boxer Brief Fly
  • Calvin Klein 3 Pack Men’s Boxer Brief

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Men’s Boxer Briefs

Pack of 3 Men’s Boxer Shorts by Calvin Klein. So you like the old stuff? The M rise waist is a signature detail of this timelessly stylish design. The soft cotton blend fabric has just the right amount of stretch for a great fit, making it ideal for everyday wear. The waistband logo is a trademark of the brand.

Key Features:

  • Logo waistband
  • Superior fit
  • 3 pack

Polo Ralph Lauren 3 Pack Men’s Boxer Brief

This three-pack of boxer briefs is made of cotton that is both soft and stretchy, and each one has a cut that is noticeably more fitted than the norm.

  • Pant Type: Boxer Brief
  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • Machine washable
  • Size M has a 4″ inseam
  • Model is 6’1″/185 cm and wears a size M
  • Signature embroidered pony at the left hem.

SAXX Sport Mesh Men’s Boxer Brief Fly

Boxer brief with fly designed for men by SAXX Sport Mesh. The Sport Mesh is a performance pair that was made for a wide range of sporting and everyday activities and was designed to go beyond the confines of the weight room. Sport Mesh is constructed from a lightweight micro-mesh and is designed to go beyond the confines of the weight room in order to provide comfort during everyday activities. Designed to wick away moisture and block odors. Equipped with a Saxx Ball Park Bag PRO, which is a pouch that has been scientifically designed to secure your balls in the most comfy thing in the world, which is a hammock. Developed to reduce friction while yet maintaining its ability to hold things in place. This boxer brief is perfect for the job, which might be almost anything.

Key Features:

  • Moisture wicking 
  • Superior fit 
  • 1 Pack

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Men’s Boxer Brief

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Men’s Boxer Briefs. This basic style is both modern and environmentally friendly, and it boasts a M rise waist. Fabricated using recycled fibers and a plush cotton blend that features just the right amount of stretch to provide an excellent fit. Finished off with a new matte and shine finish on the waistband’s version of the classic emblem.

Key Features: 

  • Logo waistband 
  • Stretch fabric
  • 3 pack 
  • Made with recycled fibres

Why Choose Pantsandsocks?

There are a lot of advantages to purchasing items from Pants& To begin, their inventory is unparalleled in its breadth and depth. They stock all of the major brands, in addition to a broad selection of different designs and sizes. Second, their prices are relatively low compared to those of their competitors.They make it a habit to check in with other merchants to ensure that they are providing the most competitive prices available. This makes it simple and convenient for you to get all of the pants and socks you require without having to be concerned about having to spend additional money for delivery. Last but not least, they pride ourselves on having an exceptional customer service team that is always accessible to assist you with any questions or problems you might have. Pants& is your best chance for purchasing pants and socks online because it is the only place that offers both.

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