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What is the purpose of egg cups?

Infer Potter opened his grocery store, now known as Potters of Hockley, in 1909. This company, started and still run by the same family, has expanded and diversified throughout the years. The Cookshop, which opened to much fanfare in 2012, is a brilliant addition to the well-known Potters of Hockley and a mainstay of Hockley and the surrounding area.

5 potterscookershop Egg Cups


potterscookshop‘s KitchenCraft Egg Cup in Blue Polka Dot is the perfect pick for adding a dainty and delightful touch to your morning routine. The cheerful pattern of blue dots against a white background instantly brightens up the breakfast table with its classic vintage feel. With its stoneware construction, this egg cup is remarkably durable and promises to be a fixture in your kitchen for years to come. Serve your eggs in style with potterscookshop’s KitchenCraft Egg Cup!


Their potterscookshop Kitchencraft Egg Cup – Chicks are one of a kind! With their high-quality ceramic material, these egg cups make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen. Not only do they have a vibrant and cheery design featuring two yellow chicks on the front, giving them an added sense of charm, but their quality construction helps ensure your egg cups will last for years to come. Bring a bit of life into your kitchen decor with these unique egg cups!


For a truly unique and fun addition to your kitchenware collection, look no further than potterscookshop‘s KitchenCraft Egg Cup – Dog. This delightfully quirky design is both fun and practical, featuring an adorable sleeping dog that functions as the egg cup and provides you with the perfect way to kick-start your day with poached or boiled eggs and toast soldiers! The high-quality terracotta pottery ensures long-lasting use, so why not add some timeless character and charm to your morning routine with this cute kitchen essential?


potterscookshop proudly presents the Kitchencraft Egg Cup – Floral Yellow. This charming egg cup is made from ceramic, with a cheerful yellow finish that stands out in any kitchen. It has a beautiful floral design, sure to bring some extra style and character to your breakfast table. Whether you’re an egg lover or not, this egg cup will make an intelligent choice for any modern home. Its durable design also makes it easy to clean and store away when not in use – perfect for adding some colour wherever you are!


potterscookshop is delighted to introduce the new LE CREUSET stoneware egg cup in Cerise – a perfect addition to any kitchen. This durable piece is made from high-quality stoneware with cast iron handles that provide a secure grip as you potter around the kitchen. The featured colour is the signature Cerise, providing a vibrant, eye-catching display.

Not only is this pottery attractive, but it’s also incredibly functional the base and rim are perfectly shaped to securely hold an egg without spilling its contents. Additionally, oven-safe up to 265°C, this pottery allows for effortless transitions between stovetop to table for an easy and enjoyable cooking experience.


potterscookshop has fully met its goal of providing top-notch kitchenware, gadgets and other utilities that can help make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Not only have they made it simpler for customers to find what they need all in one place, but their products are backed by a knowledgeable team of staff who continually strive to provide outstanding customer service.

From amazing bakeware sets to the latest bamboo tools and storage solutions, potterscookshop has you covered. Whether you’re a baker looking for professional level equipment or an amateur who wants high end kitchen supplies at a friendly price, visiting potterscookshop will surely prove rewarding.

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