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What makes milk tea taste better?

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What is special about milk tea?

Milk tea is undeniably delicious and has become increasingly popular in recent years. But what really makes milk tea special? Beyond its creamy, decadent taste, milk tea is also incredibly versatile – one can change the type of milk and sweetener used, the tea base, and the toppings added. From classic flavors such as oolong milk tea to more exotic concoctions such mango green milk tea, there truly is something for everyone when it comes to milk tea. What’s more, many establishments offer vegan-friendly and health conscious options so that even the health conscious can indulge without worrying about indulging too much! Milk tea has something for everyone – that’s perhaps why it’s become so widely loved!

Health Benefits of Milk Tea

Although there are a number of tea options available for making milk tea, one of the most popular is black tea.

Boosts Immune System

Black tea is also considered to be one of the healthiest varieties of tea. It’s high in antioxidants, which are good for your health in general and can help prevent chronic illness. Polyphenols and antibacterial characteristics help keep the digestive tract healthy, and polyphenols may even be effective against cancer cells. Similarly, research has linked drinking black tea to lower stress levels and higher levels of alertness.

Aids Nutrition

Milk’s nine important nutrients—including calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin B12, and potassium—are responsible for its myriad health advantages. You just need a little bit of milk to get all the health benefits, because it’s so densely packed with nutrients.


Tea’s astringency and bitterness are mellowed by the addition of milk. This is because milk masks some of the tea’s flavor while also binding to some of the bitter chemical components. As a means of taming their inherent bitterness, milk is virtually always added to pots of strong black tea and Assam teas from India. British afternoon tea often includes Assam milk tea.

Some of the bitter compounds in tea, however, have been shown to provide significant health benefits, so if you’re drinking tea for health reasons, you’re better off drinking it black.

5 WaNaHong Milk Tea’s

Cha Dong Hong Kong Style Milk Tea (Traditional Style Black Label)

Here’s a treat for traditionalists—Cha Dong Hong Kong Style Milk Tea presents the ultimate in classic Chinese milk tea flavours. This amazing blend of robust black tea, creamy condensed milk, and chewy tapioca pearls encapsulates a truly timeless enjoyment. Hand-crafted according to an authentic recipe, each sip is sure to bring you right back to an era of simplicity and good old-fashioned flavour. Experience the perfect harmony between refreshing sweetness and smooth rich bitterness in Cha Dong Hong Kong Style Milk Tea (Traditional Style Black Label).

KIRIN Afternoon Milk Tea

KIRIN Afternoon Milk Tea is an amazing drink that can be enjoyed any time during the day. Delightful and soothing, it is created with only the best ingredients and tea leaves from around the world. Enjoyed hot or iced, its rich flavor brings a touch of joy to your afternoon. The light, smooth taste with a hint of sweetness is perfect for relaxing before tackling anything in your day. Enjoy KIRIN Afternoon Milk Tea for the carefully crafted experience it offers – sure to make any afternoon extraordinary!

Tai Hing Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

WaNaHong’s Tai Hing Hong Kong Style Milk Tea is the perfect blend of flavorful tea leaves and velvety sweetened condensed milk. This signature drink has an irresistible combination of milky undertones and fragrant nutmeg, which creates a unique flavor that can only be described as heavenly! WaNaHong takes extra measures to ensure quality control when preparing their drinks, which include freshly brewed tea filtered several times to remove any unwanted particles. Together with a selection of toppings, WaNaHong’s Tai Hing Hong Kong Style Milk Tea is the perfect treat for tea aficionados looking for something special!

Uloveit Instant Milk Tea Cup (Taro)

WaNaHong’s Uloveit Instant Milk Tea Cup (Taro) is a revolutionary way to enjoy this classic drink with ease. This pre-packaged beverage requires no additional ingredients or effort to become a perfect afternoon refreshment. All you have to do is add boiling water then wait five minutes and voila! A tasty taro milk tea awaits you. WaNaHong sources the highest quality organic ingredients and brings them together in a single cup, perfect for on-the-go enjoyment. WaNaHong has thought of everything – this instant cup can also be enjoyed hot or chilled. WaNaHong’s Uloveit Instant Milk Tea Cup is certainly an innovative way to appreciate this favorite Hong Kong delicacy.

Why shop from WaNaHong?

WaNaHong is the perfect destination for all of your shopping needs. With a large variety of high-quality items from top brands, you will never fall short of products to choose from. Prices are affordable and there is free shipping available to help reduce costs further. Additionally, WaNaHong is always offering promotional deals and discounts to make every purchase more enjoyable. Shopping here provides an easy and stress-free experience as customer service is friendly, helpful, and efficient. With such great benefits offered by WaNaHong, this remarkable shopping site should be your first choice!

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