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What season do plants grow fastest?

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Growth peaks in plants

In this respect, plants are similar to children in that they mature rapidly. Just ask any parent, whether they be of a plant or a human. However, the rates of growth, development, and change in plants are as disparate as they are in humans. Let’s take a look at how typical houseplants develop, what influences their growth, and how much one year of growth may accomplish for your plants.


Both fertilisation and light are necessary for growth to occur. They both play important roles in a plant’s development. Plants that are become leggy and white could benefit from extra light. Lackluster plant development could be due to a lack of either fertiliser or sunshine. Fertilization should only be done during the growth season, while there are several circumstances in which it could be done in the winter.


The growing season typically lasts from spring through fall. In the summer, when the sun is up and out for longer, plant growth will be at its peak. The sun does not rise as high in the sky or stay up as late in the winter as it does in the summer. This will result in less sunlight reaching your plants. This could cause dormancy in certain plants. However, this should not be confused with deciduousness. Dormancy merely refers to a temporary halt in development. In preparation for the colder months, deciduous plants shed their leaves. Even though most houseplants are not deciduous, they may shed some leaves owing to the reduced lighting. This is due to an absence of light, not a lack of deciduousness. In the winter, your plant may shed some leaves as it readjusts to the changing light conditions.

Fast Growers

A fast-grower is any plant that can be grown from seed, bloom, and produce more seeds in a matter of months. Plants including begonias, oxalis, geraniums, and pileas, as well as most herbs and vegetables, thrive in full sun and grow quickly outside or in a garden. These plants are typically found in temperate regions, where a vigorous competition for progeny exists. In order to survive the winter, temperate plants must complete their life cycle from seed to seed within a matter of months.

Medium Growers

Indoor plants typically have a medium growth rate. The majority of cacti, most monsteras, aroids, peperomias, and a few orchids. If you increase the amount of light they receive, their development rate will increase. These plants thrive with only a few hours of direct sunlight per day and require bright, indirect light for the rest of the time.

Slow Growers

Any plant that can survive in low light. Cacti, some succulents, ponytail palms, dracaenas, some orchids, bird of paradise plants, and marimos are some of the plants that can be found in a succulent garden. Cacti are designed to have a sluggish growth rate, therefore this trait is not affected by the amount of light they receive.

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