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Any gathering, no matter the season, calls for ice cold beers. Beer’s flavour combinations are practically limitless, but there’s still a pint for just about anyone. Here’s a primer on various beer types and how to serve them properly so that you can enjoy them to their fullest.


Ales and lagers are the two main types of beer because they employ different yeasts to ferment. Lagers range in colour from light to dark. Common varieties include American (crisp and light), European (fuller with more hops), and German (bitter and dry).


These well-liked beverages are a variety of lager that are typically bitter, dry, and pale in colour and flavour. Some of them even have a hint of fizz to them.

Pale Ale

Pale ales, typically an amber hue, are hopped heavily and have a bold flavour profile. American pale ales tend to have a citrusy flavor, while India pale ales are drier, hoppier, and stronger in alcohol content.

Belgian Ale

These yeasty, sugary beers are notoriously difficult to categorize. A style that stands out is the robust Saison, a beer with roots in the countryside.

Brown & Amber Ale

Amber ales, as the name implies, are red in color. Nuttiness, maltiness, and a touch of sweetness characterise brown ales.


These stouts are rich in colour and boast roasted coffee and nutty malt flavors.


Stouts are low-alcohol beers that taste like coffee but are dry and bitter. Imperial stouts stand out from the crowd thanks to their higher alcohol content and robust, dark, and bitter taste.


Sour beer, as the name implies, is purposefully acidic, tart, or sour in flavor, though the inclusion of yeast can give it a distinct earthy quality. Some of the most well-known examples of sour beer come from Belgium, such as lambics, gueuze, and Flanders red ale, and Germany, in the form of gose and Berliner Weisse.

Wheat Beer

Hefeweizen, a popular wheat beer from Germany, is known for its sweet-tart flavor, full body, and subtle spicy undertones. Wheat beers are also widely available; examples from the United States tend to be golden and straightforward, while examples from Belgium tend to be fruity, refreshing, and slightly spicy.

FourPure – 3 Types of Beer


FourPure Citrus IPA is a light, refreshing beer with a zesty twist. Made with real citrus fruit, this IPA has a bright, citrusy aroma and flavor that is balanced by a touch of bitterness. FourPure Citrus IPA is perfect for summertime drinking, or anytime you need a little pick-me-up.

This beer is available now in cans and on tap at FourPure Brewing Co.’s taproom and select retailers. FourPure Citrus IPA is best enjoyed fresh, so be sure to check the canning date before you buy. Cheers!


FourPure India Pale Ale is a craft beer that is brewed in the UK. The company was founded in 2013 by four friends who share a passion for great beer. FourPure India Pale Ale is brewed with 100% British ingredients, including Maris Otter malt, Challenger hops, and water from the chalk aquifers of Southern England.

The beer has a light copper color and a floral aroma. It is well-balanced, with a medium body and a slightly bitter finish. FourPure India Pale Ale is an excellent example of a classic British IPA. It is perfect for people who enjoy hoppy beers with a lot of flavor.


Fourpure lager is a crisp, clean and refreshing beer that is perfect for any occasion. It is brewed using only the finest ingredients, including Fourpure yeast, which gives the beer its unique flavor.

The lager is then left to age for four weeks, allowing the flavors to develop and mature. This results in a beer that is full of flavor and perfect for any occasion. Whether you are relaxing at home or enjoying a night out with friends, Fourpure lager is the perfect choice.

About FourPure

They’ve reached a point when beer is too difficult to drink. Thankfully, here at Fourpure, they like to keep things straightforward. They brew beer the right way. Packed with flavour. employing a core quartet of elements. Since they’ve always called Bermondsey home, that’s where they produce our beer. Their brews are some of the best around. In SE16. I think that covers everything.

Since 2013, their brewery has been located in SE16. Way before it was hip to set up a brewery in a manufacturing district. The key to our accomplishments? Amazing brew. Awesome taste. I think that covers everything.

Brewing is a significant hobby for us. In addition, you’ve kept us from getting bored. In 2020, the need doubled. In 2021, they will invest £2.5 million on our brewery. The kegging line must be replaced. An improved canning line. the standard of living for everyone

Why Choose FourPure?

Here at FourPure, they are passionate about beer. They believe that beer should be brewed with creativity and care, using the best possible ingredients. They are also firm believers in collaboration, and they work closely with other breweries to create unique beers that they can all be proud of. In everything they do, they strive to four things: quality, consistency, creativity, and collaboration.

This is what sets us apart from other breweries, and it is what makes FourPure beer so special. So if you’re looking for a brewery that cares as much about beer as you do, look no further than FourPure. They’ll be happy to share a pint (or two) with you. cheers!

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