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When compared to longer dresses, what advantages do Mini ones have?


Top 5 Reasons To Wear Short Dresses

To Make A Style Statement

Today, one’s sense of fashion is about more than just following the latest trends; it’s also about expressing one’s individuality and sense of humor. The rules can be bent and personal style is what matters.

Hemlines that are both high and thrilling are a signature fashion trend that elevate any wardrobe to the next level of sophistication. Undoubtedly, they take some chances. That, however, is the whole point!

Substitute flats for heels to make the outfit more you. Try some flats with a short skirt to see whether they make your legs look longer.

Fit is also important, so make sure that everything fits right. You shouldn’t have to constantly pull your dress down. The hem should hang loosely and comfortably without revealing too much skin or needing to be cinched in. You may also need to change your underwear because your pantylines are showing.

Finally, consider scale. Covering your arms can help you feel more secure if you’re baring your legs. However, a plunging neckline will give you that extra something. This is a one-two combination that can’t be ignored.

For Comfort And Freshness

Today, comfort is the bedrock of all style. The days of suffering through the day because of your decision to wear a pair of gorgeous heels are over.

You feel more confident, capable, and at ease in a shorter dress. A cool wind blows on your legs, helping you to feel more comfortable despite the high temperature.

You get a steady breeze of cold air whenever you wear a dress that falls above the knee. Wear an A-line dress or a flirty lace piece to feel comfortable and confident all day long at anything from cocktail parties to business lunches.

Being fashionable isn’t only about looking modern; it also about being confident in the fact that your personal sense of style is distinctive and that the clothes you wear reveal something essential about your character.

To Take More On Vacation

It’s a drag to have to pack for a trip every time. If you want to travel light without sacrificing your sense of style, pack some airy summer dresses or skintight minis.

Shorter dresses and skirt sets are easier to pack, whether you’re going away for a few days or just the weekend. That way, you can add to your wardrobe or bring back gifts for friends and family.

To Be Attractive, Feminine And Sensual

Sensual and fun to wear, short dresses are perfect for romantic occasions like dates and anniversaries.

It’s dangerous yet flattering on many body types to wear a nude tone or a pink bandage dress that makes it look like you have nothing on. Alternately, you might wear a knee-length dress or skirt and top.

If you want to look your best, there’s no better way than to slip into a flowy dress that highlights your curvy frame. You look lovely and delicate in everything from a close-fitting dress to one with more of a flow or ruffle.

Every man is tempted to be bold and heroic by the sweetness evoked by short cuts. You still don’t believe me, do you? Try wearing one and see how quickly the males in your life rush to open doors for you. Everything about you says, “I’m a girl, and I adore it!”

For Versatilit

You can confidently wear a short dress even if the sun isn’t out. Tights are making a huge comeback, and there are now many different styles to choose from. Wear footless leggings, tights with a pattern or texture, or even just a solid color under your dress to stay warm.

Fiorucci – Mini Dresses


Fiorucci has done it again! Their Monogram Logo Mesh Mini Dress Blue is the perfect piece to add a dose of fashion-forward flair to your wardrobe. The lightweight fabric flaunts an allover Fiorucci monogram logo detailing for a stylish touch, while its mini length allows for freedom of movement and makes it the ideal choice for any event. With short sleeves and a wide front pleat, the dress ensures comfort as well as timeless style. Wear this showstopper with strappy sandals and statement jewelry to turn heads everywhere you go!


Fiorucci’s All Over Angels Knit Mini Dress is perfect for any special occasion. Imagined in an all-black hue, this lovely piece features intricate angel graphics with a polished finish that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It has a flattering silhouette that hugs all the right places, a lined skirt for added coverage, and just enough stretch for daylong comfort and ease of movement. Plus, its lightweight design promises to keep you cool throughout any events you may have scheduled ahead – so don’t be afraid to show up in style!


Fiorucci has done it again with this angelic knit mini dress in the perfect pink hue. The flirty silhouette features a lightweight fabric that creates a subtle sheer affect – the ultimate touch of femininity to enhance any occasion. It’s ideal for warmer weather when you want something extra special that shows off your gorgeous style and tastes. This Fiorucci piece will leave you feeling fully confident – as if you have been touched by an angel!


Fiorucci has created a must-have dress for your summer wardrobe. The Stick Print mini dress is sure to become an instant classic with its stunning black background and mix of complementary color and print. You can wear it alone on the beach or pair with sandals, a denim jacket, and some jewelry for a night out. Easy to slip on and built to last, this Fiorucci design is sure to make you look like the fashionista you deserve to be!

About Fiorucci

When Elio Fiorucci, a young Italian designer, visits London, he finds the city in the midst of the largest youth movement in a century. The action on Carnaby Street and the King’s Road is nonstop. Boutiques in Kensington Market, including Biba, Mary Quant, and the rest of the hipster favorites, are where it’s at. Motivated, Elio travels back to Italy.

Two years later, he sets up shop in Milan’s Galleria Passarella with his first Fiorucci boutique. It’s completely unique and unlike anything else in existence. Over the following few years, he builds the store and stocks it with daring clothing designs obtained from throughout the globe.

Some other shops then open up. A second Milan site opened in 1974. It was on London’s King’s Road in 1975. Then in 1976, New York’s East 59th Street. The shop in Manhattan gains the moniker “the midday Studio 54.” It establishes the groundwork for the modern concept store.

Inspiration for Elio’s works comes from his wanderlust. He’s on the party island of Ibiza, where he’s witnessing a bunch of stunning women emerge from the water wearing only damp trousers. The way the material adheres to their skin has left an impression on him that he can’t shake. As for the sexiness of denim, who knew? Thus, the Fiorucci Safety Jeans are brought into the world.

Fiorucci is evolving into more than just a clothing label. It’s a landmark of the era’s culture, right up there with disco and pop art. Still, it’s a symbol of the inventive spirit, graphic vitality, and creative potential. Things that aren’t only a part of the past, but also of the here-and-now and the future.

Here they are in 2017! Fiorucci has returned to the scene fifty years after Elio’s original store opened. Minutes away from the original location, this new Soho hotspot is a must-see. Time to define a new era. A fresh snapshot opportunity. Now.

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