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Why are sleepsuits good for babies?

About La Coqueta

The collections at La Coqueta are reminiscent, fusing a classic Spanish style with their own unique look. “I’ve always placed a high value on family and having kids, so making heirloom-quality pieces is a big deal for me.”
Celia Muoz, a mother of five, opened La Coqueta in 2013. Celia’s “sixth child,” La Coqueta, continues to blossom with each new collection. The brand’s aim is to inspire the next generation of Spanish fashionistas by fusing contemporary traditionalism with nostalgic odes to the past.

La Coqueta is a well-known name all over the world thanks to its association with superior quality in both materials and workmanship as well as its reputation for stylish functionality. Their range can be found in the Notting Hill location of their flagship shop in London, as well as in the independent Poppies stores across the United States. Thanks to the commitment of their London clientele, they were able to establish their e-commerce infrastructure and open up shop as a global online retailer shipping La Coqueta directly to homes all over the world. La Coqueta is a childrenswear brand that aims to be inclusive in terms of age range, culture, and gender when designing its high-end pieces for kids aged infant to 10.

Newborn Sleepsuits

La Coqueta Kids has an adorable selection of newborn sleepsuits, available in a wide range of cute patterns and made from the softest fabrics around. Whether you’re having a male or a girl, you can find a comfortable sleepsuit for your little one. Their bath and bedtime gift sets are a hit at baby showers because they include essential items like this traditional assortment of sleepwear for infants, which every new mom needs. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and hues, from soft pinks and blues to muted grays.
Each onesie is handmade from knit cotton and velour, two hypoallergenic fabrics, and a lot of affection, so your little one can sleep soundly through the night.

La Coqueta Kids is a safe bet because each infant sleepsuit is expertly sewn by hand in their Spanish ateliers by highly trained professionals who care deeply about their craft. Once you’ve decided on a sleeper, you can browse the rest of their infant necessities, such as hats, shoes, and blankets. Check out their current selection of infant sleepsuits; whether you’re looking for your own baby or a gift for a new mom, you’re bound to find something you like.

White Stork Embroidered Gift Set

The unisex Stork Embroidered Gift Set is the ideal present for the newest addition to your family this holiday season. Protect your baby’s delicate epidermis by dressing them in clothing made from the finest natural fibers, such as this one that is crafted from 100% cotton but has a fine gauge for extra comfort and breathability. When a baby is born safely, it’s time to rejoice in true La Coqueta fashion with this ultimate assortment for the new mother and her child. The Stork Embroidered Sleepsuit and Body Vest, along with the coordinating Mitts, Hat, and Bib, make a sweet gift for a new baby of either gender.

Make sure your baby (and you) get a good night’s rest with the Stork Embroidered Sleepsuit, which has nickel-free press studs down the front, covered feet, and cozy long sleeves. The envelope neck hole of their Stork Embroidered Body Vest is convenient for quick changes at any time of day or night.

Stork Embroidered Mitts and Hat are also included to provide an additional layer of warmth for the winter months. This convenient combination includes the Stork Embroidered Bib, which is ideal for mopping up any messes that your baby may make.

This set includes:

1 x Stork Embroidered Sleepsuit

1 x Stork Embroidered Body Vest

1 x Stork Embroidered Mitts

1 x Stork Embroidered Hat

1 x Stork Embroidered Bib

White Victoria Sheep Jersey Sleepsuit

Protecting your baby from the weather and easing their transition to a new home are two reasons why the Victoria Sheep Sleepsuit is an essential item for any family. Their soft, machine-washable core is constructed from breathable cotton and accented with charming sheep-themed embroidery. Changing diapers will be a snap thanks to the popper opening in the crotch. (especially during the night). Relaxing in its natural form or wearing as an underlayer when it gets chilly outside. With its crisp white color and understated grey embroidery, this adorable Sleepsuit is the perfect attire for a little one to be surprised in.

Grey Remo Jersey Smock Sleepsuit

The white Remo Smock Sleepsuit is the perfect addition to your baby’s collection, as it is crafted from exceptionally comfortable and long-lasting knitted cotton. Fabric with a high thread count, smocking, and embroidery that is both delicate and detailed, and an endearing white Peter Pan collar with grey scalloped edging. This double-knit fabric has excellent stretch and absorbent qualities; keeping your infant comfortable day or night. It is made from breathable natural fibers, which means less scratching and irritation for your baby (and you).

White Osa Teddy Bear Newborn Gift Set

The Osa Gift Set is the best collection ever assembled to celebrate the advent of a new child into the world.

Beautifully crafted from double-knit cotton, the Osa Teddy Bear Embroidered Sleepsuit and Body Vest are there for your baby’s comfort at all hours of the day or night. Nickel-free press studs allow for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night, and the ultra-durable, super-soft cloth is gentle on sensitive skin. You can spend more time outdoors with your brood thanks to the Osa Teddy Bear Embroidered Mitts, which feature a thumb hole to prevent scratching and a matching cap for added warmth.

This set, made of crisp white cotton and decorated with a pink Teddy Bear embroidery, is ideal for welcoming new relatives into the family or celebrating any other special event. Their Osa Embroidered Bib has an absorbent material to collect drools, spills, and burps, and a back popper for easy on and off to help make mealtimes less stressful for everyone.

This set includes:

1 x Osa Teddy Bear Embroidered Sleepsuit

1 x Osa Teddy Bear Embroidered Body Vest

1 x Osa Teddy Bear Embroidered Mitts

1 x Osa Teddy Bear Embroidered Hat

1 x Osa Teddy Bear Embroidered Bib

Why buy from La Coqueta?

For discerning customers seeking the best in high-end children’s fashion, La Coqueta offers the crème de la crème of boutique brands, offering classic pieces and original designs crafted with luxurious fabrics sourced from Spain and Portugal. Their collections are carefully curated and feature timeless pieces that last beyond a season, plus designer collaborations that make their product line stand out and attract attention. With their eye for detail and emphasis on sustainability, La Coqueta ensures every garment is of excellent quality for optimal durability – making them an ideal brand for customers who value luxury fashion and are willing to invest in quality.

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