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Why do girls like surprises?

About Poppyshop

British leagion official store is called The Poppy Shop. All proceeds from the Poppy Shop go directly toward supporting the Legion’s mission of aiding current and former members of the armed forces, as well as their families.

Everything from jewellery and clothing featuring the distinctive poppy to stationery and home goods can be found at The Poppy Shop. Any individual’s preferences can be accommodated.

The British leagion Poppy Shop is constantly updating with new products and lines. In addition, the Royal British Legion receives one hundred percent of the proceeds from all Poppy Shop sales.

Why do people love gifts?

Gifts For Her

Men know that women appreciate material gifts like jewellery, chocolate, and flowers. One key result from recent studies by psychologist and social anxiety expert Todd Kashdan is that presents are especially appreciated by women because they make them happy.

Kashdan, a professor at George Mason University, spent nearly a decade studying the effects of positive thinking, and the outcome was his book, “Curious? Kashdan writes in his book, “The Secret Ingredient to Happiness: How to Find What’s Missing in Your Life,” that there are three things a person needs in their life to be happy:

  1. strong relationships, since we are designed to be social animals;
  2. ability to experience the current moment rather than focusing on the past or future;
  3. gratitude for what one has, as opposed to an envious or greedy perspective.

Kashdan focused on the third factor, reactions to gifts, to get insight into the human emotion of thankfulness.

Gender responses & cultural expectations with gifts

It seems that men have a harder time than women do feeling genuine gratitude. The most common reaction of women to receiving gifts is pure delight. Conversely, if a man receives a present, he feels obligated to give one back. According to Kashdan’s research, female recipients of presents are more likely to express gratitude than male recipients.

It’s understandable that males would have a hard time decoupling gift-giving from societal norms. The giving and receiving of gifts is a deeply meaningful act in many cultures around the world. The!Kung San of Botswana have a sophisticated system of bonding through gift giving. They call it “hxaro.” Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest hosted feasts called “potlatches” where they would offer each other expensive gifts as a symbol of power.

What these findings might mean

The mystery still lingers as to why women experience joy but males experience duty. Meredith F. Small, an anthropologist at Cornell University, offers a couple of hypotheses:

  • perhaps women don’t feel as much anxiety or pressure related to gifts; and/or
  • perhaps women enjoy receiving gifts because they enjoy giving them, so reciprocation is natural and doesn’t overshadow the pleasurable experience of receiving.

In a nutshell, presents bring women joy because they release the emotion of thankfulness, one of the three cornerstones of happiness. For women, receiving gifts—and especially expecting a gift in return—seems less taxing than it does for males. We don’t need to know the psychological or physiological mechanisms at play for the best cubic zirconia jewellery to make a woman happy; her glee at receiving it is reward enough.

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