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Why do people love velvet?

NRBY Clothing

Inspired by modern women and their ever-evolving experiences, NRBY Clothing was created.

Jo Hooper, who has been at the vanguard of women’s fashion for nearly three decades, has witnessed the profound changes that have occurred in their society. The rise of the freelance and flexible workforce means that clothes no longer exclusively serve the 9–5 or special occasion needs of their wearers. Inspired by the Japanese idea of “one-mile wear,” Jo sought to design clothes that could be worn comfortably and attractively from home to the neighbourhood and beyond.

So, with the help of some excellent friends and coworkers, NRBY Clothing was born as an answer to the need for everyday, universal, colourful garments. When they no longer shop according to the “seasons,” when they value flexibility and ease of movement, and when they desire the softest fabrics against their skin.

In the next weeks, they plan to reveal more about their background and team members.

Are velvet shirts in style?

After a string of lockdowns, it’s time to boost the style ante for 2022. Velvet apparel is popular, so indulge in rich textural pieces that ooze glamour; think bodycon dresses and sharp velvet jackets in gem-bright hues and groovy designs.

Why is velvet popular?

What is it about velvet that appeals to so many people? As a material, velvet is luxurious to the touch because of its plushness, warmth, and inviting nature. Once reserved for the affluent only, velvet’s availability expanded in the 1900s, and by the 1970s, it had become a celebrity favorite.

NRBY Clothing | Top Three Velvet Shirts

Lottie velvet tie cuff shirt

NRBY Clothing‘s Lottie shirt is a wardrobe essential. It is made from a luxurious velvet fabric and features tie cuffs for an added touch of elegance. The shirt is cut to flatter the figure and can be teamed with a variety of different looks. Whether you’re wearing it for work or for a special occasion, the Lottie shirt is sure to make you look and feel your best. NRBY Clothing is a brand that is known for its quality and style, so you can be confident that you’re making a wise investment when you purchase one of their products. The Lottie shirt is just one example of the many stylish and well-made items that NRBY Clothing has to offer.

Sylvia velvet shirt

NRBY Clothing‘s Sylvia velvet shirt is a must-have for your fall wardrobe. The deep emerald color is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall, and the velvet fabric is both cozy and elegant. The shirt also features NRBY’s signature button-down front and relaxed fit. Pair it with jeans and booties for a casual look, or dress it up with a black skirt and heels for a night out. Whatever way you style it, the Sylvia shirt is sure to turn heads. So don’t wait – order yours today!

Patti velvet shirt

NRBY Clothing‘s Patti velvet shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe this season. The luxurious fabric is soft to the touch, and the rich jewel tones are perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. The shirt is also versatile, as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether you’re heading to a party or simply running errands, the Patti velvet shirt is sure to turn heads. NRBY Clothing is known for their quality garments, and this shirt is no exception. With its timeless style and flattering fit, the Patti velvet shirt is an investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Why We Choose NRBY Clothing?

NRBY is a contemporary clothing brand that’s all about providing high-quality, well-designed apparel that can be enjoyed by everyone. They believe that clothes should be fun and easy to wear, without sacrificing on style or comfort. That’s why they only use the finest fabrics and materials in their garments, and their team of skilled designers ensure that every detail is perfect. They also offer a wide range of sizes so that everyone can find their perfect fit. NRBY clothing is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to feel good and look great. So why not give us a try today? They’re sure you’ll love their clothes as much as they do!

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