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Why is it important to use feeders with animals?

And it’s their mission to make sure that your furry friend is always by your side, no matter where your adventures take you.

For over 30 years, their Pet Mate, Cat Mate, Dog Mate, and Fish Mate brands have been helping pet owners find each other. In 2021, they decided to combine these companies and everything they stand for under the name Closer Pets.

Their new name is a perfect reflection of their dedication to providing a more individualized service while also reflecting their drive to become a more digitally and socially connected business without sacrificing the 30 years of trust they’ve earned from their customers.

Bringing you and your furry friends along on our exciting journey is a top priority, and they can’t wait to share it with you!

1. Cat Feeders

Are you tired of constantly having to remember to fill your cat’s food bowl? CloserPets has found a solution that helps you take the guesswork out of feeding your furry friend. This innovative cat feeder can be programmed to dispense food throughout the day, keeping your cat’s tummy full while you go about your business. Not only is this product convenient, but it also comes with adjustable portion settings so that owners can provide their cats with exactly how much food they need each day and customize for special dietary needs. With its modern design, automated feeding process, and ability to easily adjust portions, closerpets provides easy and worry-free meal times for cats everywhere.

2. Dog Feeders

Feeding your dog can be a struggle and closerpets is here to help! closerpets is an automated dog feeder that makes it easy to ensure your pup gets the right amount of food at the right times – no more missed meals or overindulgent snacks. Every closerpets feeder has simple digital controls so you can program when and how much food your pet receives, and refill reminders so you always know when to restock. Furthermore, their durable design and construction guarantee that closerpets will keep on providing accurate meals for years to come. Get closerpets today and make sure your pup’s dietary needs are fully accounted for!

3. Fish Feeders

Closerpets provides an innovative solution to those looking for an easy and reliable way to feed their fish. No more worrying about whether you fed the fish or not their automatic programmable fish feeders make sure your aquatic friends never go hungry. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater tanks, these durable systems are easy for any beginner aquarist to set up, allowing them to focus on ensuring the most ideal environment for their beloved pets. With a wide range of sizes and models that have adjustable dosing quantities, closerpets makes it easy to provide your fish with proper nutrition while giving them all they need build a healthy habitat in the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Closerpets?

Closerpets is the perfect pet store for those looking for a wide selection of pets available in their area. With a detailed search function, pet owners can easily find exactly what they’re looking for and get connected with the right breeder. All animals for sale on Closerpets come with health records and has been checked over by knowledgeable experts, guaranteeing that customers are buying from reputable breeders. Furthermore, Closerpets offers delivery and pickup options so you don’t have to worry about transporting your new family member to their forever home. With the combination of these features, Closerpets makes it easy to find the perfect pet and provides peace of mind when making a purchase.

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